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As a small non-profit organization, we rely heavily on our volunteer team to help us provide services, outreach, and mobilize the Korean community. Volunteers have a range of roles from direct service and marketing to community education and outreach. Our attorney and paralegal volunteers provide consultations and receive referrals on immigration and domestic violence cases.



Immigration Program Attorney/Paralegal Volunteer

Our immigration program provides naturalization and green card renewal services. As a volunteer attorney/paralegal, we ask you to provide consultation to our BIA certified staff in the application process. In collaboration with other non-profit organizations and Bar Associations, we hold naturalization and know your rights workshops that you may like to participate in.

Time Commitment: On‐call; for 3 consecutive months or more

Job Description:

  • Provide on‐call legal consultation for immigration cases – naturalization(N-400), green card renewal (I-90), and other services as needed.
  • Participate in naturalization workshops and know your rights workshops to provide legal information for the community members. (optional)
  • Assist in creating outreach and educational materials on immigrant rights and naturalization processes. (optional)


Shimtuh Domestic Violence Program Attorney/Paralegal Volunteer

Shimtuh maintains an innovative approach to delivering critical public services, and is the only Korean organization north of Los Angeles that provides culturally and linguistically specific intervention and prevention services for Korean Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) survivors. Shimtuh legal volunteer will join us in supporting the survivors of violence in rebuilding and reclaiming safe and healthy lives and navigating the complex system of justice.

Time Commitment: On‐call; for 3 consecutive months or more

Job Description:

  • Provide on‐call legal consultation for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault or trafficking
  • Assist Shimtuh clients with legal form filling (court documents, VAWA, U‐Visa, etc.)
  • Translate and create annotations for legal forms / court documents in Korean (optional)
  • Provide pro bono legal representation for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault or trafficking (optional)
  • Translate legal forms / court documents from English to Korean



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