Asian Elderly Wellness Project Pilot Program

On May 18th 2015, KCCEB launched an 8-week pilot program for Asian Elderly Wellness Project. With the mission of bringing mental health awareness and active social engagement, Asian Elderly Wellness project is tailored toward isolated Korean elders. The project offers various activities for the participants to engage in. The activities included arts and crafts, lectures, letter writing, and exercises. Please see below to find art pieces created by our elderly participants!

Origami Collage

The participants learned various origami skills with KCCEB staff members and created a collage work of a beautiful flower pad.

image (2)


The participants portrayed their lifeline through drawings. Each lifeline had its beautifully unique story of its own as the participants’ life stories varied. At the end of the meeting, each participant made a short presentation about the drawing to share a part of her/his life with other participants.

image (7)

image (6)

Collage, Parody of “The Bedroom” by Van Gough

Our elders participated in a collage work and completed a parody of Van Gough’s painting, “The Bedroom,” together. Each participant was assigned to draw a part of the painting. At the end, each piece of the drawings came together to make a beautiful art work.


AEW Van Gough

Food Pyramid

Emily from Asian Health Services gave us a lecture on nutrition and balanced meals and each participant made a food pyramid to create a nutritionally balanced meal plan!

image (1)

image (8)


In celebration of Memorial Day in Korea, We learned the history and the meaning of South Korea’s national flag, Taeguki, and drew it together.

image (4)

image (9)

photo (1)

Wish Tree

On our last day, we wrote down each of our wishes on a piece of paper and tied it on to the “Wish Tree.” You can find our Wish Tree at our office!


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